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Eat Clean Meals

  • Only organic or all-natural ingredients
  • Wild caught fish
  • Always fresh....never frozen
  • Portion sizes are cooked weights
  • Never cooked with oil or butter
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner options

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Sauces & Toppings

  • Teriyaki Sauce ($1 ea.)

    2 oz homemade sauce.

  • Greek Dressing ($1 ea.)

    2 oz homemade dressing.

  • Mexican Sauce ($1 ea.)

    2 oz homemade sauce.

  • Honey Chili Lime ($1 ea.)

    2 oz. homemade sauce

  • Lemon Ginger ($1 ea.)
  • Sauteed Peppers and Onions ($2 ea.)

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I have been consuming Cooking Around Town eat clean meals for lunch almost everyday since they opened in Mt Juliet and I love them. The meals are nutritious, a great value and best of all they taste great. Thank you Aaron and Jill for making my lunch and life easier and healthier. I have tried several of their breakfast and dinner offerings as well and I have not been disappointed. I highly recommend trying everything on the menu.

B.R. on Google

Awesome business! Friendly and knowledgeable owners. I'm a trainer and nutrition coach and I'll be ordering directly from them as well as recommending my clients to do the same. Highly recommended!!